New Event Space/Museum GRAND OPENING

As well as being an amazing art deco designed event space for any vintage event, the Texas Museum of Automotive History will be the home for the Restoration Factory benefiting our local high schools.  I personally take this event and organization to heart because the first local high school that is partnering with is W. H. Adamson, my high school!!  I am a proud graduate! The intent of the Museum’s Restoration Factory Program is fivefold: Teach life and work … Read More

New Museum, New Event Space!

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We are proud to be part of the Grand Opening of the Texas Museum of Automotive History!  A new museum and new event space in one building.  Amazing art deco decor to match all of the beautiful architecture at the State Fair and positioned in The Grand Place on the lagoon.  The second part or main part of the story is that the proceeds will benefit high risk young adults in our community. is an amazing group of people … Read More

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