New Event Space/Museum GRAND OPENING


As well as being an amazing art deco designed event space for any vintage event, the Texas Museum of Automotive History will be the home for the Restoration Factory benefiting our local high schools.  I personally take this event and organization to heart because the first local high school that is partnering with is W. H. Adamson, my high school!!  I am a proud graduate!

The intent of the Museum’s Restoration Factory Program is fivefold:

  • Teach life and work skills to all Restoration Factory students (recruited from DISD Automotive Programs) as per our Four Year curriculum.
  • Help the interested Restoration Factory graduates process their College applications to get full Scholarships
  • Fund college tuition shortfalls for Restoration Factory graduates that want to go to college by monies raised by events at
  • Place (non-college) Restoration Factory graduates with premium automotive businesses that support the Museum.
  • Create Restoration Factory Entrepreneurs and revive Fair Park’s surrounding area. Help students that want to build their own business find sponsors, mentors and funding.

Aside from becoming a world class museum of automotive history, our objective is to teach young men and women, 15-18, life and business skills. Our four year “Restoration Factory” curriculum is summarized below:

  • Year 1 – Automotive Fundamentals (Automotive Industry History, Automotive Operation (basic car components and how they work), Industry Overview (job positions and required skills), Affiliated Businesses, Life Skills).
  • Year 2 – Automotive Class One (Basic Repair and Restoration, Life Skills).
  • Year 3 –  Automotive Class Two (Detailed Repair, Restoration Specialties, Engineering, Design, Local Automotive Business Internships and Life Skills).
  • Year 4 – College and Work preparation (Scholarship Applications, Work Applications and Life Skills Tuition to Year 1 and 2 students).

Our hope is that the community will get involved to help these kids get on the right foot before they graduate!  Please show your support and come to the grand opening and continued support as a sponsor for the museum.

Robin Brogan

    New Museum, New Event Space!

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    We are proud to be part of the Grand Opening of the Texas Museum of Automotive History!  A new museum and new event space in one building.  Amazing art deco decor to match all of the beautiful architecture at the State Fair and positioned in The Grand Place on the lagoon.  The second part or main part of the story is that the proceeds will benefit high risk young adults in our community. is an amazing group of people that are mentoring these young kids to get them STARTED on the right path to adulthood.  Help us raise money to continue this program.  Please call 214-207-9157 to find out how you can volunteer TODAY!

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