Jillian Loves Cody

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Our beautifully staged vintage wedding in Waxahachie.  Jillian and Cody’s vision come to life.  A gorgeous day with a sweet breeze and nature at it’s finest.  Every single detail came off flawlessly and it was a joyful day!

Vintage Out!???!

Is “Vintage” really out? According to Harmony Walton, Founder, BridalBar.com, contributor to The Huff Post Weddings, Posted: 11/15/11, : “Sprawling fields of high grass, hillsides off in the distance, and … a gorgeous bride and groom perched on a vintage velvet burgundy chaise. Oh, the memories of the vintage wedding and its somewhat silly staged photographs. The not-so timeless vintage theme is one that often incorporates elements such as 50′s era luggage used as décor, mismatched chairs reminiscent of a … Read More